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26 January 2009 @ 01:59 pm
He rises with the sunshine.
Folds his clothes at bedtime.
Little Willy Lincoln climbing trees in the pineapple backyard, indigo spectrums pulsing.
Aura overload as the bang bang bang, brings around clowns dancing with the fever.

Little Willy Lincoln, are you trying to teach me something?
Here I am.

He's lost out planting flowers.
Cultivating magic powers.
Little Willy Lincoln in the front seat, floating free, lsd, let's go get some dumpster tea.
We are the old underwriters for the new silly structures,
noodles toward the sky.
noodles toward the sky.
noodles toward the sky.
noodles toward the sky.
noodles toward the sky.

Little Willy Lincoln, are you trying to reach me somehow?
Here I am.
20 January 2009 @ 11:52 am
you spurn my natural emotions.
you make me feel unloved, and i'm hurt.
and if i start a commotion.
i run the risk of losing you, and that's worse.

ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?

i can't see much of the future.
unless we figure out who's to blame, what a shame.
and we won't be together much longer,
unless we realize that we are the same.

the buzzcocks are saturating my life with chord changes like i don't even know about yet.
14 January 2009 @ 11:13 am
steady chasing that paper.

i got tree-ed for the first time in my sleep yesterday morning.

for those of who you have yet to come accross this term, being "tree-ed" suggests that someone dropped a tree on your body while you were sleeping.

and then we proceeded to smoke huge joints all day long.

life is really blessing me these days.
i'm realizing alot, even with a simple, thin life.
but it's not a thin life, and i know it.

we are the machineary makers for the robotics of the heart.
and we keep gears in motion, everyday.

so just go.

love randy.
12 January 2009 @ 01:37 pm
i am the shit stain of the universe.
with brightly opened and shining turd eyes.

blatant conforming to stinky teathers.
bring the real weather around to my vision.

so you read thoughts.
so stop feeding them to me.
move the brain past.
you would think the acid would make you moreopen to change.

i thought so too.

but god is the only answer.

and i am total crap.
09 January 2009 @ 11:02 am
the wisdom of the ancients.

today i am buying some bananas at trader joes, while my last cup of coffee goes cold on my front porch.


going to oakland soon, if luck have it.
but i might just find a job in time.

if not, i gotta know what schools (jc) are in the oakland area.

<3 randy.
05 January 2009 @ 02:31 pm
madness can and will consume one's soul if left unchecked.
in the wreckage left, set; marked by rain, raining crystal meth.
i never didn't have this life.
sorry that i forget; i'm trying my best.

i know the pain little one;
my feet have started growing too.
and don't forget to push for ancient tones
and the road you get is a set path, present, math-made, difficulty breathing.


mass sorrow until destined beat, chaos procession.
descent upheaval, yes big one you are real. real. real. real.
mass sorrow until destined beat chaos procession.
descent upheaval, yes big one you are real. real. real. real.

bad habits leaving stones unturned,
as time-to-tend logic, freeze.
comfort chaos; bathe all from time.
radiating blinding light.
all i ask of the past.
present, future, far; or near:
is blessings to keeping here.
right as we are, it's all we are.

right as we are, it's all we are.

and reasons for working out are reasons to be.
being is peyote sunshine aftermath hydrogen bomb.

iced tea, cigarette, gun, bacon.
i try and be a learner giving my location out through waves,
trapped in the secret place a hundred miles underneath the sea.

for i, and me, and mine, and love; isn't always is.
of course it is though.
let's just fall onto our backs now, and no more bodies.
poetic devices are besides the point.

i make sense of your chaos which doesn't exist.
i'm toughening up and walking on fists; not waiting.
i make sense of your chaos which doesn't exist.
i'm toughening up and walking on fists, not waiting.
02 January 2009 @ 02:11 pm
i'm continuous.
throughout hate.
hate is only poured onto those who choose it difficult understand.
to the sage, it is icing on the cake of nothingness as he has sex with the universe, and the universe dominates him in it's time of prime warning, swarming with love.

so we all peer blindly into radiating light.
and our eyes are holes in bags of fat.

so we take in the sultry of the conviction of love, sunshine on our skin.
and we kill/murder/rape/mame babies whilst loving/protecting/respecting/caring for them.

so our friends are points of light in the divine flower outline that is controlling the heart chakra.
and universal consciousness is nothing but filth, satan, damned, torture, and suffering.

you already know how much truth is inside of you.
so don't play games with people who pretend it's not in them as well, or who pretend like you both know it's not inside of you.
because these are but games we play.
so understand and be joyous in the drama of life.
for no reason in particular besides the chance we have.
to change lives.
to brighten moments.
to liven atmospheres.
to bring rise to stressfull situations.
to keep the peace.
to be the one who shines.
to be the one who falls and fails.
to plant seeds of smiles in the already sun-drenched dirt patches.
to cultivate humility and humble-izm.
to be evil.
to be good.
to be goofy.

so fuck the world.
and love the world.

i am no one and nothing.
dont forget it partner!
28 December 2008 @ 12:02 pm
this is a list of all the covers i play, and am working on or haven't finished yet.

daniel johnston - casper (finished)
why? - gemini birthday song (only part way through so far)
leonard cohen - hellalujah (basically finished)
operation ivy - big city (just started)
blonde redhead - falling man (just started)
donovan - gold watch blues (just started)
neutral milk hotel - aeroplane over the sea (finished)
syd barrett - effervescing elephant (finished, needs polishing)
syd barrett - octopus (finished, needs polishing)
syd barrett - dark globe (finished)
syd barrett - late night (finished, needs polishing)
pink floyd - scream thy last scream (finished)
pink floyd - bike (finished)
syd barrett - golden hair (half way through so far)
elliott smith - between the bars (finished, needs practice)
panda bear - take pills (about halfway finished so far)
panda bear - comfy in nautica (about halfway finished)
27 December 2008 @ 11:51 pm
here's to prayers into the void.

prayers in hopes that i am making the right decisions.
doing the right thing.

26 December 2008 @ 09:29 pm
there is nothing here but god.

and even i don't know this.

help to remind ouselves.